Frequently Asked Questions


We can ship all over the world within 7 to 14 days by USPS. Shipping costs will depend on the dimensions and weight of the items ordered. Note that we are not responsible for any damage or loss after the items are shipped, it is the clients responsibility to claim their products to the post office.

Once your order is shipped, we will provide a tracking number so you can check the status of it. 

For additional inquiries, please contact us at aleidac.carde@yahoo.com or by text to (787) 455-2094.

Return Policy
Note that after you items are fully shipped, we cannot offer any returns due to all items are made by each client's specifications.
Cancellation Policy
We agree on any cancellation request before the orders get shipped but once the orders are shipped out, we can’t cancel them any more. Note that deposits are non refundable.